Top Ucoming MegaProjects In India


Welcome friends here are you on crazy2share.In this post there are information related to top upcoming megaprojects in India.And you will be surprise to know the facts and figures about this.

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1.Lord Shiva Statue

Upcoming mega project

After the inauguration of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Statue of Unity in Gujarat  which is the world tallest statue  having height of 597 feet , India is all set to go get another collosal statue this time of Lord Shiva  .The construction of the massive Shiva Murti to be built at a height of 351 feet and will be completed by 2019 at Nathdwara in Rajasthan.

Megaproject 2019 India

 There is a Ganesh tekri in Srinath Diwar, located about 50 km from Udaipur. The construction of Shiva Murti, the world’s tallest cement and concrete, is under construction on this tekri. This pratima has been completed up to 85 percent  and it is all set to be ready. It is said that it will be a different Shiva statue of its kind in the world and it will also call the highest Lord statue of the world. The faster the construction of this statue is going on, it seems that the statue will be ready by the next year. Let me tell you that this statue is being made by the Mirza Group and it is the Dream Project of the Mirza Group. If you talk about the height of the statue, then it is 351 feet and it is made from cement concrete. This statue is being done on the hill of 16 acres in Ganesh tekri near Shrinathdwara.

hagwan shiv ji ki unchi murti 2019

2.Namaste Tower

Namaste tower

Namaste tower is a megaproject and a skyscraper.It is having height of 316m having 63 floors,380 rooms and many more..The project is in under construction.The project is designed by Atkins,Dubai.This megaproject is situated in Mumbai in Lower Parel.

3.Viraat Ramayan Mandir

Viraat Ramayan Mandir one of the beautiful temple designed in India.This project is undergoing construction in Kesaria,Bihar,India.One of the attractive temple in Bihar.The project has budget of 500 crore.When this beautiful project will get completed it will become the largest religious monument in the world.This Viraat Ramayan Mandir  will be the double of the height of the world famous Ankor Wat temple in Cambodia.

4.GIFT Diamond Tower

here is another beautiful skyscraper in INDIA.Our India is also in the race of making beautiful skyscraper.GIFT Diamond Tower which stands for Gujarat International Finance TechCity.The GIFT is situated in Gandhinagar in Gujarat.The skyscraper has an height of 410 meter.

The Diamond tower has the top of the structure as Diamond cut  so the name is GIFT Diamond.It is the hi-tech city that is going to be made in Gujarat.It has covered huge area.

5.The Bogibeel Bridge

Here comes the another most prestigious project for India.It is the WORLD’S SECOND LARGEST BRIDGE IN THE WORLD.The bridge has three lane roads and double railway track.This bridge is situated in Assam.It is above 32 metre fom the river Brahmaputra.the bridge is 4.94km long and has great strength.The bridge is all prepared and it will be inagurated by PM Narendra Modi on the birthday of Vajpayee.

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